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About us


Odiseas Centroamericanas is the brainchild of Efraín Figueroa and Rosibel Ochoa, both scientists and engineers by profession, with a strong interest  in promoting the culture and contributions of the people from Central America throughout time. The Central American region boasts a richness in history that includes astonishing pre-Columbian civilizations, a rich Spanish-colonial heritage, and, more importantly, a population that continues to contribute to the global community in many fields of endeavor. In spite of this, positive and relevant stories from Central America are often underrepresented in world literature for children and young adults.


The objective of Odiseas Centroamericanas is to capture and disseminate such stories, as a means of preserving the cultural heritage from this beautiful part of the world.


Born and raised in Guatemala, Efraín Figueroa holds a PhD degree in physics and has worked for private industry for more than 20 years. He has written three books for children and young adults. Rosibel Ochoa, born and raised in Honduras, holds a PhD in chemical engineering, and serves as an Associate Vice-Chancellor in  the University of California system. She periodically travels to Central America, teaching innovation and entrepreneurship skills. They live with their daughter in San Diego, California.

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